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If you have a question to be asked about our vehicle trade and buying service, have a look below to see if we can answer your questions.

Alternatively, just give us a call on 01200 404986

Yes, Phone us on 01200 404986 and tell us about your vehicle.

The more honest your are the more accurate your quote will be. We will give you an indication from what you have told us, but the final price will be based on our viewing of the vehicle.

No computers, just humans!

We use a price guide for the initial evaluation based on the vehicle model, but we then customise your quote, specific to your vehicle based on the facts you provide and our own assessment.

We can buy the vehicle the same day we see it.

Alternatively, if you need us to collect it, we will have to check the transporter availability, but we will still give you the price.

We loves trading cars and vans and will only give an honest valuation.

If we give you good service, you will hopefully tell others about us.

If you’re not happy with the price we quote, just tell us, you are under no obligation to use us.

It does not matter if the vehicle doesn’t have an MOT or you can’t find the certificate.

We still buy vehicles without MOTs

No your vehicle does need to be taxed, but we need to let DVLA know the status of your vehicle, so we will need the V5C document (log book).

For us to buy a vehicle, all we need is the V5C document so that we can let DVLA know we have it.

This protects you so that you cannot be held responsible after we have paid you. You will also get a receipt off us.

No limits. We will literally buy any age vehicle from 1 week to 100 years old.
No problem.

We will take the vehicle condition into account when we quote you, but we still want any vehicle

Yes we can arrange collection of your vehicle no problem
The DVLA will refund any full remaining unused months left on the vehicle tax.

To claim this, you will nee to send the yellow section of the V5 focument to the DVLA.

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